Meet Samantha

Samantha is a graduate of the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy in Albany, NY. Upon graduating, she became recognised by New York State as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in March, 2018 after her exams in January, 2018.

As a massage therapist, Samantha’s passion is in Shiatsu. This Eastern modality offers her the chance to incorporate not just her knowledge of the body into the massage, but the full extent of her creativity. She doesn’t just practice Shiatsu though, as she understands the necessity for traditional Swedish-style massage as a practice; and truly enjoys working with clients in this modality as well to ease pain and tension and help them to relax.

As a trained Reiki Master, Samantha also brings this skillset to the table as something she can incorporate into any of her massages. Energy work is where her desire to be a bodyworker started, as she realized from her energy work that assisting people in this manner was what she wanted to do. If a client doesn’t wish for energy work though, she is happy to oblige.

When she isn’t practicing massage therapy, Samantha enjoys a multitude of hobbies. She is an avid artist that explores many mediums, ranging from abstract art to beading to photography to dance, loving every bit of it! She is also passionate about history, engaging in Viking Era reenactment as a reenactor whenever possible. The list could go on and on, and because she is so multi-faceted, she truly loves meeting new people and learning about their passions, too.

CEU Completion

As an LMT in the state of NY, it is required that every three years I have another 36 hours of continuing education (CEU) added to my working knowledge. CEUs come in many forms, from practical, hands-on techniques to the more boring aspects like billing insurance. Displayed below are the hands-on CEUs I have completed, and can incorporate into the massage that I offer.