Welcome to my Shop!

Welcome to my shop! For now there are only aromatherapy candles, but I hope to expand upon this as time goes on. All the candles you see here (and ideally all future items as well) are handmade by myself. Purchasing from here will directly support a small (perhaps local depending on where you are) business, and I truly appreciate your patronage.

If you live in an area that has local pickup as an option please note that you should check my Facebook to see if I have general hours during the week these pickups can be made. If there is nothing listed, please wait until your order is processed and you receive a note with a time for pickup. Or, you can call/text 518.602.3506 to schedule a pickup time (scheduled pickup times are subject to a no-show fee). All local pickup can be grabbed from the vestibule of the building which my office is in, your order will be in a box with your name on it.

Please click here to see the Privacy Policy, Shipping Policy, and Return Policy. This also contains information on how curbside pick-up works, due to me being a by-appointment-only office.