Privacy Policy

Information gathered at checkout will be used only for the express purpose of getting your order to you. Your information will not be sold to a third party. Information may be kept securely and indefinitely in the system. You will not be added to any email lists without your express consent, and only ever contacted as it pertains to a current order you have placed that has not yet been received by you. Reasons for contact could include, but are not limited to, order processing errors, shipping and tracking information, clarification on an address, etc.

Shipping Policy

Orders will be shipped out within a week after being placed. When an order ships a tracking number will be sent to you provided contact information to do so has been left with the order. All orders will ship via the United States Postal Service at standard rates, including tracking and insurance. Rush shipping is not available at this time, so please allow two to three business days from time of shipping for your item to arrive. I will make all efforts to get orders out in less than a week, but due to a by-appointment schedule this is not always possible. This is also why I cannot acomodate in-person pickups as easily.

Returns Policy

All purchases are final. Care is taken to ensure that no purchase will be damaged in shipping, but if yours happens to be please document it with photos as soon as you receive your item(s) and contact me so we can resolve the matter. In certain extrenuating circumstances an exception may be granted, however that exception is a case-by-case determination left up to my discretion. In this instance a refund may be granted for the cost of the item(s), but not for the shipping costs. A return of an unused item in this case will be at the buyer’s expense and will require it to be shipped with tracking and insurance.

Curbside Pick-Up How-To

  • Any items ordered up to the specified date marked for curbside will be brought with me.
  • Each order will be in its own box(es) with the receiver’s name on it.
  • I will leave the orders for pick-up in the vestibule of the building of my office.
  • The doors to the vestibule will be unlocked for the time that I will be present in the building.
  • Anything that fails to be picked up during that time will return home with me, and I will contact any recipients about shipping options (and cost).
  • Curbside pick-up is at the recipient’s risk. There will be no one monitoring the pick-up of orders, and this is done on the honor system.

Curbside Pick-Up Information

I am a by-appointment-only service, so I do not have regular hours that I will be in the office, for sure, each week. My schedule is determined by my clients, and it can fluctuate up to 48hrs in advance. With this in mind I can’t offer steady general pick-up times, but I will always announce them ahead on Facebook and Instagram.

If your zip code isn’t one that triggers the option for curbside pick-up but you’re willing to drive to me for it, then please contact me at one of the above methods and I will make the appropriate changes for you.

Understand that if I am with a client I cannot answer texts/phone calls to help you find my location. Please see the bottom of this page for specific directions as to where I am located in the Village of Ballston Spa.

Retail Appointments

If you would like to setup an appointment to either come and shop in-person, or to schedule a specific curbside pickup (and not wait for me to announce availability), please contact me by phone/text. Each appointment guarantees you a 30min window to shop, or to pickup your items.

To reserve a spot credit card information is required, and it will only be charged in the event of a no-call no-show. Any no-show without a minimum of a 1hr advance cancelation by phone/text will incur a $10.00 fee.

International Shipping

I am willing to ship internationally, but since it’s not something I do often I cannot acurately input rates. As such if you live outside of the United States and would like to purchase something from my shop please contact me directly at and I would be glad to do a Square Invoice to make it happen.