$70 for an hour, or
$100 for an hour and a half

Add on cupping for an additional $15

An Eastern-style massage that is guided by the elements of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal being in balance. Each element rules certain aspects of your being on a mental, spiritual, and physical level. This massage is done on a mat on the floor, typically fully clothed. It utilizes pressure along the meridians and assisted stretches to offer relaxation and restoration.

You will want to wear comfy clothes you can move in for this kind of massage, similar perhaps to what you might wear to yoga. The nature of this massage is energetically based, so you can have no pressure to a lot of pressure depending on your preference.


$70 for an hour, or
$100 for an hour and a half

Add on cupping for an additional $15

Gliding and flowing strokes are the hallmark of this massage. Often used for relaxation, this can be modified for a therapeutic purpose as well.

For relaxation, a general full-body massage from head to toes is used, with a little extra time spent on one area of choice.

As a therapeutic massage, one muscle or group of muscles will be targeted for specific work to help alleviate pain or chronic tension, aid in the healing process (often a great pair with physical therapy), or similar. After working those muscles, as much of a full-body massage as can be included, will be. Sometimes a small area has to be sacrificed, such as the arms or feet.

Therapeutic Thirty

$40 for a thirty-minute targeted massage

Add on cupping for an additional $15

This is the basic Swedish massage, but condensed down into thirty minutes. During this time you can either have a very quick but gentle full-body massage without a focus area, or you can target one area or muscle group. This is great for when you just need a little something to work out one specific kink or issue on a budget.

As a therapeutic massage, one muscle or group of muscles/area will be targeted for specific work to help alleviate pain or chronic tension, aid in the healing process (often a great pair with physical therapy), or similar. It may involve deeper work into that targeted area, and communication between the massage therapist and client is essential in that case. This can be customized to be as involved as you need it to be.

Couples Massage

$140 for an hour, or $200 for an hour and a half

This is a Swedish massage, but for you and your partner! For this massage I will call in a second massage therapist, so that you can both receive a massage at the same time. Like a typical Swedish massage, you each can choose if you just want to relax, or if you want to do some specific, targeted, therapeutic work during the session. The massage will be personalized to each individual, so you don’t have to receive the same exact thing just because you’ve scheduled a massage together.

Due to the fact that this massage requires bringing in an additional LMT, this must be booked through phone/text/message and cannot be booked online. Please be advised that the second LMT might be male.



$15 add-on to a Shiatsu or Swedish massage

Cupping can be added in with any service offered to enhance the massage experience. This technique uses special cups to gently pull the tissue up with suction, acting like massage in reverse.

This can aid in the reduction and breaking up of scar tissue, removal of toxins from the body and muscles, ease fascial tension, and more.

Please be advised that cupping tends to leave marks on the skin. They are not harmful or painful, but they look like perfectly round bruises. They can range from light in color to very deep.

Energetic Therapy

$40 for thirty minutes, or $70 for an hour

An energetic therapy session is typically relatively gentle, combining one or more energetic modalities to bring a sense of balance and rejuvenation to the recipient. Receipt of energy work can help improve mood, relieve stress, and promote your body’s natural healing ability. It is not a replacement for medical care and treatments, but it is a wonderful companion to them.

A session will include one or multiple of the following modalities: reiki, basic polarity, foot reflexology, shiatsu meridians/points, chakra balancing.


Labor & Delivery Massage

$100 deposit, $50 an hour, plus travel. All rates to be discussed prior to services.

Massage for labor can be an amazing thing for the soon-to-be mother. It’s a fantastic way to help ease anxiety and tension associated with labor, can help mom be more comfortable during the process, and assist her with pain management. In addition, it will help support the body in relaxing muscles so that it has an easier time preparing for and allowing the passage of the child during delivery. In addition to the massage, I am a trained Reiki Master, and I am a longtime belly dancer and instructor so I bring both of those modalities to the table when it comes to assisting you with your labor and delivery process.

If you think that you might like massage to be part of your birth plan please be sure to contact me early in your pregnancy. I prefer to see you for at least one massage during your pregnancy so that we both know each other a bit more before this special time in your life. In addition I have limited availability for this due to the nature of babies and timing (they’re not reliable to their due dates). 

We will need to have a meeting, which will involve you, your partner (if applicable), and myself to review timing and expectations, as well specific payment terms and fees involved. Please contact me for further details.