Giving Thanks

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Specials

Giving Thanks

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Specials

It’s the season of giving, and so I’ve decided that it’s also the season for the first special! Called, “Giving Thanks”, I have many reasons to run it, and I wanted to share (as well as talk about the special).

About the Special

The special runs from October 15 to November 21. Current clients, please refer a friend! If during this time that friend books and receives a massage, both you AND your friend will receive a coupon for $10 off your next service with me!

Current clients are anyone who has had a massage with me in the last calendar year. You can become a current client simply by booking and receiving a massage! Then all you have to do is refer your friend. It’s a win-win situation.

Like all specials and offers, they cannot be combined. So you won’t be able to use the coupon you receive with any other offer out there.

The Meaning Behind It

There are a couple reasons I chose this particular special to run first, which I’d like to share.

Most importantly, I could not do this without the support of wonderful clients. You all are my life blood, and I appreciate every one of you. This is a way for me to give something back to you in a very simple manner.

There’s also the fact that Thanksgiving is fast approaching (I know, Halloween/Samhein is first, but I couldn’t think of a good spooky special for that), and this special needs some time to really come into its own. 

In part though, I am hoping that it encourages you to help spread the word. Word of mouth is my best friend, and I’d like to preemptively thank you (with this special) for talking about me and letting your friends know I’ve set up my space.

So please, book a massage and come in and relax! I’d be grateful, and you won’t regret it. Then, tell your friends and have them let me know you sent them. ♥



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