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There’s no doubt that word-of-mouth is the single best way to encourage new clients through my door, and I am always extremely grateful when I hear a new client tell me that it was one of my lovely current clients who referred them my way. Client referrals hold so much more weight than a standard advertisement because we trust our friends and family to not steer us wrong, and I hope to never betray your trust in me to help your friends and family.

With this in mind I have decided to start offering a referral program! I really want to give back to my clients who are spreading the good word about the massage I do, because I am so grateful for you doing so. This will be retroactive, so if you have met the criteria then you will have until the end of 2020 to use your referral credits.

So here’s how this will work…

For every person you refer to me, who books and attends their massage, you will receive a certain monetary credit towards a future massage. Credits will expire in a year, but there is no limit to how many you can use so long as they do not exceed 50% of the value of your massage. So referral credits can still accrue, but you may only use so many in one go.

The credit will be earned based on the first massage or service that your referral attends with me, and no more. Your referral must name you as how they found me, full name, because I could have two “Margaret”s in my system after all. Only one person can be named as a referral for someone coming in.

You can earn the following:

  • $1 Credit for a referral who books a 30min massage/service
  • $2 Credit for a referral who books a 60min massage/service
  • $3 Credit for a referral who books a 90min massage/service
  • $5 Credit for a referral who books me for labor and delivery
  • $1 Credit (additional) for a referral who includes cupping

I will keep track of when the referred client attends their massage next to the credit in your file, so the 1 year expiration is based on their attendance. Massages received at an event (such as a First Friday) do not qualify for the program.

The referral credits will have no cash value outside of discounted massage or energetic services I offer. They can be combined with other discounts offered here, so if you are a veteran receiving 10% off for example, and you came in for a 60min massage ($70 value dropped to $63 with the discount), then you could use up to $31 in credits (half of $63 is $61.50), meaning your massage would only be $32 that day! It might take a bit to get that many referrals, but I believe that anything is possible and it could happen. 🙂

To summarize, here are the terms and conditions of the referral program:

  1. Credits are earned based on the first massage or service a referred client books with me, and receives. Credit will not be earned until the booked session is completed and paid for.
  2. You must be a current client (you’ve had a massage with me within the last 365 days) in order to receive referral credits.
  3. Referral credits expire 1 year after they are earned, which is 365 days after the referred client receives their massage or service.
  4. A referred client can only name one person as the person who referred them to me, and must give a full name (first and last) for it to qualify.
  5. You may redeem up to 50% of your session in referral credits. In the instance of the half being an uneven dollar value (ie: $31.50), simply remove the change to get the value (ie: $31.50 becomes $31).
  6. Referral credits are not given/earned for any event massage. Event massage is characterized by a $1/minute massage done without an appointment durring open hours, such as at a First Friday or similar.
  7. Referral credits have no cash value, and cannot be redeemed as such.
  8. Referral credits cannot be used for the purchase of products or gift certificates.
  9. Referral credits cannot be transferred to any other client.
  10. Referral credits come in the following amounts:
    • $1 for a 30min massage/service
    • $2 for a 60min massage/service
    • $3 for a 90min massage/service
    • $1 additional for cupping included with any of the above
    • $5 for a labor & delivery service



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    Looking forward to booking a massage

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      Fantastic. 🙂

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